First Cadets sign up and their questions are answered.

Well, following my rallying call, I can say that 2 recruits with questions have flooded in.

  Rural Space Cadet Candace asked:

My main question; is the Hokey Cokey REALLY what its all about????

It’s great to start off this process with such an easy question for somebody of my experience to answer.

Candace, the Hokey Cokey process involves putting it in, then taking it out, followed by putting it in, putting it out, then putting it in and out for a final time before shaking it all about.

I would hope you would see the significance of these actions and their association with not only the meaning but the continuation of life. One day, you will reach an age when you’ll discover that this is really what it’s all about.

Rural Space Cadet Dale asked:

My question? How did u get into running and how did you find the determination to stick at it?

Thank you, Dale, for highlighting my healthy lifestyle. I intend to write a separate blog about the running experience, but since you’ve been very kind to ask, one very good by product of running means that I can be one step ahead of any villagers who take offence at any comments I may make in the Post Office, especially when my taser malfunctions. I dare not visit The Angry Afrikaner for a pint any more. Villagers and alcohol don’t mix.

Keep sending them in. Still waiting for photos.





About ruralspaceman

A man trapped inside a middle aged body still tries to be hip and trendy. Actually, no he doesn't. He says it as he sees it. as long as it's not too controversial. Living with his wife, Lady Barton St Mary, two children, Miss Katherine and Master Johnny in Randall Towers, he is constantly frustrated by the mechanisms of modern life and the issues raised by being the husband of a high flying executive and member of the aristocracy. All he wants is a quiet life and a full set of Deal or No Deal DVDs. Please help him.
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2 Responses to First Cadets sign up and their questions are answered.

  1. geraldo says:

    JESUS! You have really lost the plot mate.

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