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Rural Spaceman’s 2014

Well, happy new year to both of my Wordpretzels. Yes, having looked at my statistics, it appears that year on year my readership dwindles, but there’s still the two of you out there reading this rubbish. I’ve come to realise … Continue reading

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Wayward Uncle Robin’s Christmas Happening

Having slipped Parslow the groundsman a couple of jazz cigarettes, Wayward Brother Uncle Robin managed to infiltrate the inner sanctum of Randall Towers today, breezing into the Great Hall, emanating the distinctive aroma of patchouli, his Afghan coat flapping behind him. … Continue reading

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Corporate Husband

Last night I accompanied Lady Barton St Mary to the company Christmas dinner. Being the husband of a company director, I am expected to act in an appropriate manner in keeping with her high expectations. This morning I had to … Continue reading

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Eight Notes Changed My Life.

Lady Barton St Mary brought my attention to a post on her Faceache page, asking participants to name ‘their most influential song’, with various contributions. Mine is very easy. The song starts with an eight note riff in A that … Continue reading

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