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Wardrobe Malfunction

Wordpretzels, I’m off to Barcelona with Lady Barton St Mary and accompanied by The Sexton and Pen. “What are you packing?” asked Lady BSM. I considered for a while, making a mental list of what was required. “Hmm. We’re staying for … Continue reading

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Interview with an Spaceman – Easter Special

I awoke with a start. It was half light and quiet. I could hear the blood pulsing through my head whoosh, whoosh, whoosh … and a subtle rustle at the end of the bed, the feeling of weight by my … Continue reading

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Healthy Thought

Yesterday evening I made a vegetarian version of shepherd’s pie, using carrots, lentils and sweet potato. Lady Barton St Mary and I decided to take the opportunity to eat more vegetarian meals whilst Master Johnny is away from home, travelling … Continue reading

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Kitchen Football

Whilst returning some suitcases to our garage at Randall Towers the other day, I had a cursory look at some of the other stuff we store on the upper floor. Some cricket gear, photographs, Christmas decorations, a box with 00 gauge rail … Continue reading

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The Huntsman and the Car

Master Johnny is in Australia at the moment, so I dedicate this story to him. Australia is full of insects. Big ones. I heard a  story the other day about a family travelling in their car, when, all of a sudden, a … Continue reading

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Rural Spaceman’s Guide to Neuroscience

Wordpretzels, I think it’s time that I revealed my academic side; therefore, please imagine me perching on the edge of a large desk in an oak panelled room, sucking thoughtfully on the arm of my spectacles, about to reveal some amazing … Continue reading

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50 Shades of Beige – an extract.

Originally posted on ruralspaceman:
My first impression is one of brightness; not overwhelming, not completely bright white, more … off white. There is a faint scent of burnt verdigris,  a reminder of my time on the white bright beaches of…

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