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Even More Tales of TechNOlogy

It was digital training time at (almost) voluntary work. Here is a list of things I learned: Don’t bother sending a list of training requirements formulated from a large cross section of work colleagues. It will be screwed into a tiny ball … Continue reading

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God Only Knows How He’s Lived for This Long – Brian Wilson at The Birmingham Symphony Hall

Yet another trip out for myself, Lady Barton St Mary and her brother Drew, this time a return to The Birmingham Symphony Hall to see another ‘legend’ in the world of popular music, Brian Wilson. For those of you uninitiated … Continue reading

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It’s Started 2

An after school family learning session with parents and children. One little girl finishes what she’s doing ahead of her little brother. “Can I do a drawing?” she asks. “Of course,” I reply, “there’s some colouring pencils and paper in … Continue reading

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Chafe House 2

More advice: Upon returning from a half marathon race where you have remembered to place protective plasters on your chest, do not decide to be manly and tear the plasters from your hirsute frontage instead of showering and gently peeling them off. … Continue reading

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Dad Story – Petula Clark

My dad liked telling a story, which may come as a bit of a surprise to you, considering my obvious reticence to follow suit. Now, most of these stories would be told in exact detail, leaving no stone unturned, even … Continue reading

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Chafe House

Here’s a piece of advice, Wordpretzels. After returning from a 10 mile run in hot weather without wearing the required protective plasters, do not, upon entering the shower, shout, “OOOOOOO ME NIPS!!!” at the top of your voice when the … Continue reading

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Heil Hamstring

Wordpretzels, some of you may be aware that as well as being a runner, I am also a qualified football (soccer) referee, which means for 8 months of the year I spend my Saturday mornings and afternoons running around outside … Continue reading

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