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Another Oven Licence

Wordpretzels, those of you who are fanatical Rural Spaceman followers (both of you, if the medication hasn’t worked)will know that 6 years ago, I told the tale of getting my oven licence. My concluding line was that I should get … Continue reading

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Compensation Dilemma 2

Me: Hello? Caller: (with distinct Indian accent): Hello how are you today? Me: I’m fine, how are you holding up? Caller: Pardon? I’m calling from BT internet – there is a problem with your connection and we need to fix … Continue reading

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Compensation Dilemma

Mobile phone rings. I answer. Me: Hello Person: Hello, how are you today? Me: I’m fine. How are you? Person: Oh. Erm… I’m fine. I’m calling from **** services regarding your recent car accident. Have you had a car accident … Continue reading

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Intruder Alert

As I was leaving the house for my Sunday run (yes, smug, aren’t I), I noticed two large, wet footprints in the porch of Randall Towers. I stopped and considered them for a moment. Somebody had recently visited our door, … Continue reading

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Luge Yourself

Word pretzels, it’s been a while. I thought the muse had left me forever, but somehow the winter Olympics has inspired me. I didn’t think it would. I started watching some of the snowboarding on TV – the sort of … Continue reading

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Farewell, Loose Canon

Prologue: some sad news, I’m afraid, with the loss of an amazing person. Canon John Evans, known to you in many of my ramblings as the Loose Canon, passed away on Monday. Former vicar of three parishes, head teacher at … Continue reading

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BS Warp Factor 10

‘Would you like a newer car?’ Lady BSM asked me a couple of months ago. At first, I thought, no, I don’t need one; after all, my trusty Honda Civic, black and named Kit after the Night Rider car, was … Continue reading

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