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Why Sweeney 2 is one of The Greatest Films Ever Made

A few years ago, I was involved in a conversation with my niece Suzanne, her husband Young Mr Raggett and Lady Barton St Mary, involving our favourite films of all time. The usual suspects were being mentioned. Not just The … Continue reading

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The Sexton and the Fox

“I heard a bit of a commotion from the chickens, so I went out to have a look,” The Sexton explained. “That’s when I saw him.” The Sexton was leaning back in his wingback chair, the light from the flickered … Continue reading

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New Year, Old Me

Yes, it’s January the 11th.  One of those dates where Christmas feels like a distant memory and the new year is just bedding in. As I stand on the stern of the good ship 2015, I can see 2014 getting … Continue reading

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